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From: Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia
To: My Fellow Americans

January 18, 2014

To: Honorable Communication Directors of ISNA & CAIR

Mr. Edgar Hopida of ISNA & Mr. Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR

Dr. Mr. Hopida & Mr. Hooper,

As-Salaam Alay-Kum

Once upon a time, Paul Findley, a former United States Representative from Illinois, in his book, “SILENT NO MORE,wrote as follows:

“Every Muslim should feel an obligation to defend his or her religion from misinterpretation,
  no matter where the report arises from.”

Remember the book! Simply glance at the images and everyone will know “Who is Who?”  of American Muslim leaders. The question of the day is, “What have our leaders done since the tragic day of 9/11?” Except for taking an offensive approach towards anyone who criticizes the irrational behavior of Muslims, did anyone have any courage to address the root cause of the rage of Muslims against the western world? How about the teachings from some Islamic scholars which helped stir up all the havoc around the world? Sure, we all know the answers, but sadly, we choose to ignore them which makes our political and religious leaders look like a bunch of misfits.


Facing up to questions from fellow Muslims is quite difficult, therefore, the simplest way out is to request to be “Unsubscribed.” Many of our fellow Muslims cannot take a heat of answering the questions, as they have long been living in a nasty habit of keeping “A Respectable Distance From The Truth.Though, I will remove the requested email addresses after every one of you makes a sincere attempt to read this particular email message.

Trust me, as long as I live, I will not go away just because the two distinguished gentlemen, that is, “Director of Communications” does not want to address the very concerns of ordinary American Muslims who are equally concerned about the way image of Islam is getting distorted. Obviously, neither of you can label me as what is now known as “Islamophobic,and as such, let us collectively figure out as to why the entire world voices their concerns about the teachings of Islam?

Certainly, one cannot unsubscribe out of the “Certified Mails” which I am determined to forward to your kind attention as need arises. Surely, I have no doubt that your good offices will be gracious enough to sign for it. This way, we the American Muslims know that ISNA and CAIR have been alerted about any sensitive matters that are being debated in the U.S. national media where the “Intellectually Dishonest” answers are given. In other words, we are not going to remain a silent spectator, but will continue to monitor our own leaders for not being able to give a crystal clear explanation to all the questions that are being raised by the American intellectual elite.

Honorable and respected American Muslim leaders be aware that SILENT NO MORE” is the ultimate reality. We the American Muslims are going to speak out, and as such, we expect straight and truthful answers from our so-called leaders. Yes, today I might be considered as A Lone Ranger, nonetheless, one voice will suffice even if ISNA and CAIR choose to ignore the questions and concerns of an ordinary American Muslim named Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia. A few words to the wise is sufficient.

Very respectfully yours,

Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia