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From: Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia
To: My Fellow Muslims
Subject: “WALK THE TALK”

Dated: July 13 , 2013

My Fellow Muslims,

“Outrage & Silence” was the subtitle of the Hannity Show last year when the regular visitors were two of our distinguished Muslim leaders, one, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, and the other, Mike Ghouse. May I highlight the sound bites as under:

Sean Hannity: “I haven’t heard anybody in the, quote, ‘Moderate Muslim
Community’ condemn once again the actions of radicals that are hijacking
your religion.”

Mike Ghouse: “Sean, first of all, you are wrong. Muslims in America
including me and Zuhdi, we have condemned this nonsense that is going

Good to hear, but guess what? Neither Dr. Zuhdi Jasser of “AIFD” nor Mike Ghouse of “World Muslim Congress” has taken any strong cognizance of the recent lynching and persecution of Christians in Egypt on their website. Condemnation is fine and dandy, however, one has to report the authentic news of the persecutions of Christians that is actually taking place in the Islamic countries. Even CAIR, ISNA, AIFD, MPAC, ICNA, World Muslim Congress, American Islamic Congress or you name any American Muslim institutions that have dared to post such gruesome news. Isn’t this a sort of strange act for those who are overly eager to express condemnation of rampant violence conducted by ruthless Muslim vigilantes, but are not at all willing to highlight the barbaric acts of persecutions of Christians on their respective websites? Well, this is what I call “A Height of Hypocrisy.

CAIR is always vigilant in pointing out most of the wrongdoings across America by those who speak against the interests of American Muslims. With the same spirit, why can’t the American Muslim leaders be mindful to report the news of the recent horror stories of persecution of the Coptic Christians in Egypt? Let’s face it, we as American Muslims thoroughly enjoy the “Freedom & Liberty, in this great country of ours, then why not expose the suppression against Christians, so that ordinary Muslims here and around the world can be made aware of what is actually taking place in Egypt. Ashraf Ramelah, President of “Voice of Copt, bluntly stated that, “Under Morsi, Copt reached the worst situation in 60 years.”

Mind you that such a single powerful statement tells us about the very character of the Brotherhood’s spiritual leader, Mohammad Badie, his deputy, Khairat El-Shater and the ex-President Mohamed Morsi about their shallow knowledge of Islamic history. Perhaps, someone should remind them of Caliph Abu Bakr’s, guidelines of justice and moderation during the first expedition into Syria. It is as follows:

Be just; break not your plighted faith; mutilate none; slay neither
children, old men nor women; injure not the date palm nor burn
it with fire, nor cut down any fruit-bearing tree; slay neither flocks
nor herds nor camels, except for food; perchance you may come
across men who have retired into monasteries, leave them and
their works in peace.

The Preaching of Islam Sir Thomas Arnold
Quoted in the book: The Mind Al-Quran Builds Dr. Syed Abdul Latif

Sir Thomas Walker Arnold, an eminent British orientalist and historian of Islamic art wrote his famous book, “The Preaching of Islam” upon insistence of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, a great visionary, statesman and Muslim reformer of the 19th century. May I politely ask, “How many respective members of the so-called “The Guidance Bureau” of Muslim Brotherhood remember the conditions that were drawn up when Jerusalem submitted to Caliph Omar?” Sir Thomas Arnold states the terms of capitulation in the following paragraph:

“In the name of God, the merciful, the compassionate, the following
are the terms of capitulation, which I, Omar, the servant of God,
the Commander of the Faithful, grant to the people of Jerusalem.
‘I grant them security of lives, their possessions, and their children,
their churches, their crosses, and all that appertains to them in their
integrity, and their lands and to all, of their religion. Their churches
therein, shall not be impoverished, nor destroyed, nor injured from
from among them; neither their endowments, nor their dignity, and
not a thing of their property; neither shall the inhabitants of Jerusalem
be exposed to violence in following their religion; nor shall one of
them be injured.’ ”

American Muslim leaders must take to heart a simple question, “Where is the sense of Islamic justice?” No doubt, there are many among us who are not only surprised but deeply disheartened about the sudden revolt by the people of Egypt against the rule of President Mohamed Morsi. One only need to ponder over an answer given by none other than Dr. Ashraf Ramelah when asked by Ryan Jones of Israel Today, “What is the life like for Egyptian Christians under the Muslim Brotherhood?” His truthful response was as follows:

The plight of the Egyptian Christians today entails Christian women
living in fear of attacks by Muslim gangs because they do not wear the
veil. As before, Christians are subject to open discrimination by Muslim
Koran-adherents who frequently commit acts of destruction of Christian
property and routinely threaten and take the lives of Copts. Muslim mobs
randomly bomb church buildings, set them on fire or use bulldozers and
hatchets to demolish them — this violence now accelerated under Morsi.
Worshippers coming and going from church are at high risk of never
returning home, a familiar scenario for Copts.

I, Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia, being keenly aware of the “Silence” factor that is duly imposed by our American Muslim leaders, would like to remind all of you about my letter titled “The Humanist Tradition, dated September 1, 2012, wherein, I have written about the persecution of Christians in Egypt in the following words:

“Sadly, as I write this letter, I read an article by Michael Terheyden titled,
‘Persecution of Christian Copts in Egypt on Rise as Muslim Brotherhood
Consolidates Power.’ All such headline news on the internet are bound to
haunt President Mohamed Morsi of Egypt who has declared that he was
going to be the president of all Egyptians. On reading Raymond Ebrahim’s
article, ‘Ramadhan: Islam’s Holy Month of Christian Oppression,’ any sane
and educated Muslims around the world should come to realize that the
Islamic civilization which we are mighty proud of is being attacked by the
barbarians from within. Undoubtedly, there is ‘A Major Disconnect,’
and it has been testified by Mr. Ibrahim which must be carefully listened
to in order to grasp the reality on the ground in the Islamic countries of
the Middle East region.”

It is imperative to put it on record that a fellow Muslim was kind to remind me of his first rule of conduct being “Respect Islamic and Muslim Organizations and Institutions who are trying to do their best, and especially during our difficult time,” followed by his earnest request to let Islamic scholars handle matters related to Quran and Hadith and to make sure that Islamic scholars quote the real thing – the “Authentic.” If such be the “Intent” then why not post the news of persecutions of the “People Of The Book” with equal amount of concern similar to the one expressed by this simple minded Muslim whose messages have long been ignored? That is a million dollar question, which I suspect will be hard for the American Muslim leaders to straightforwardly answer. By the way, to those who are fond of ranting and raving that “Islam is the religion of Peace” should check out the “List of Terror Attacks on Christians since 911.”

All in all, let us as concerned American Muslims, WALK THE TALK. Surely, everyone should agree that during this Holy Month of Ramadan, compassionate and merciful acts should be our first and foremost priority. The act of revealing the horrific stories of persecutions of our fellow humans who happen to be Coptic Christians from Egypt should not be ignored. Simply put, “Outrage” must be highlighted, and “Silence” must never play the role to cover up the sins of the brutal “Muslim Terrorists” who are out to permanently damage whatever is left of the Islamic Civilization.

Very compassionately yours,

Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia