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From: Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia
Sent: Friday, April 03, 2015 8:27 PM
To: Sultan Shahin


Cc: Salam Al-Marayati ; Nihad Awad ; Dr. Sayyid M. Syeed ; Dr. Zuhdi Jasser ; Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser; Naeem Baig ; Kashif Al-Huda ; Saif Inam; Dr. M. A. Muqtedar Khan ; Iftekhar Hai ; ‘Mike Ghouse ‘; ‘Khaled Almaeena’; ‘Tariq Almaeena ‘; ‘Muhammad Yunus ‘; ‘Ghulam Mohiyuddin ‘

Dear Sultan Shahin Saheb,

As-Salaam Alay-Kum,

“Civilized Example. These two appropriate words which you used made me think of reminding you of the concerns of Rabindranath Tagore. It is amazing that those who are all too anxious to point out how bad is Islam deliberately ignored reading the worldly wisdom of Tagore. What was truly surprising is that you did not paid, any attention to the very spirit of Tagore’s concerns either. It is as follows:

“We cannot afford in this heart-breaking time of crisis, to indulge in mutual
recrimination; but let us appeal to all God-fearing Mohammedans for the sake
of their own great religion and culture and for the sake of bleeding humanity,
to join hands with us in dealing with evil which may grow into a permanent
source of futility bringing upon our unfortunate country the disgust and derision
of the whole world.”

Rabindranath Tagore
Calcutta Statesman
September 5, 1931

What I was expecting is for the “Avowed Bigots, on the New Age Islam forum who simply brush aside any “Civilized Reasoning, given to them, to carefully read it. They chose not to. You have been reading all the rebuttals. Now, I am beginning to doubt whether, we the Muslim readers, possess “Civilized Minds, or, are we too eager to get carried away with all the negative as well as nasty comments about Islam and our Holy Qur’an. Since the last quarter of the year 2013, I have been noticing that the mudslingers are encouraged more and more to such an extent that “Moderate Muslims, find it rather distasteful to enter into any debate on New Age Islam forum.


Tagore’s very spirit of calling God-fearing people to join hands in a “Civilized Manner,in shunning the evil is something handful of commentators like “Secular Logic,” and “Ex-Tablighi,” should take lesson from. Your continued belief in encouraging those who are relentlessly engaged in not appreciating “Good Words, posted by learned Muslims on your forum, is profoundly disappointing. Every sincere comment is rebutted by nasty comments directed against Islam, Holy Quran and our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

Sultan Saheb, let me draw your kind attention to the five points which you listed as follows:

Islamic Prayer Is A Hate Speech

Islam Is Naked Communalism

ISIS Represents the Islam

Jihad: Destruction Of Non-Muslims

Islam Is A Religion Of Terror Due To Abrogaton

Guess what! Are you trying to convey the message to all of your readers of New Age Islam forum that the majority of the ordinary Muslims believe in the five points listed above? If you went through the trouble of posting it, then it can also be assumed that you, as an Editor of New Age Islam also believe in these five points too. In case, you are not aware, many sane and educated Muslims are equally aware of all such headline news, but what they are seeking is, to read something enlightening and not disheartening.

Circulating and re-circulating such news will not help reform Islam. Nor by encouraging the “Intellectual Bigots, who despise Islam to help open the windows to the world. The only window that I know as an ordinary Muslim is in the correct translation of our Holy Qur’an, without any references from the Islamic secondary sources, period.

Now, let all the readers collectively read the following sentences:

Have you ever wondered why so many times Muslims come out of mosque after their prayer and start violence ?

You posted it, Sultan Saheb. Can you elaborate how many Indian Muslims, or for that matter, any Muslims in the Islamic countries, who goes out after their prayers from their neighborhood mosques to instigate violence on a daily basis? Kindly, be specific and provide the readers with facts only.

It is time that non-muslims start paying Muslims in the same coin unless they leave the evil religion of Islam.

Now let me ask you, Sultan Saheb. “FOR THE SAKE OF BLEEDING HUMANITY, would you recommend your fellow humans to take the path of vendetta?

Most muslims have never read their scriptures from cover to cover and rely on LIARS like Zakir Naik and semi-literate mullahs who misguide them by hiding the truth.

That’s a correct statement, indeed. Well then, Sultan Saheb, don’t you think that acting as an Editor and Moderator of New Age Islam forum, you should call upon the educated Muslims to express their respective viewpoints of what they have personally learned from the Holy Qur’an. The reason many walked away from your forum is mainly owing to reading the insulting remarks against Islam and the Prophet of Islam. That’s an undeniable fact which you cannot refute on any count. No Jews, nor Christians, nor Hindus, nor Buddhists will appreciate someone insulting their religions. There is such a thing as human sentiments. I get a feeling that you are somehow not taking this factor into account while heaping the praise on the demonizers of Islam on your forum.

May be, it will help to attentively read the comment of one of your ardent well-wishers, who cautioned you by writing that, “if used to malign other’s faith or mock a rival group of people, it can open a floodgate of unhealthy discussions that will conduce to ill will among people, spawn evil and render this website into a vicious gossip forum.”

Islam is a threat to humanity and it must be banned in the world.

Here is a real serious sentence which only you can answer. You want your fellow Muslims to read and reread such sentences, but did it occurred to you, that before the Iranian revolution of 1979, the name of Islam was nowhere in the headline news? Ask yourself, how did Islam, all of a sudden became a major threat to humanity at large? Aside from the doctrine of “Wahhabi and/or Salafi,” which so many are obsessed with, can you outline another root cause of such a dramatic change in Muslims’ behavior? Let’s be honest, Sultan Saheb.

No matter how you look at Islam, you will come to only ONE conclusion that Islam is a religion of hatred, bigotry and terrorism.

Let’s presume that it is, then what about other religions? Is there such a thing as “State Sponsored Terrorism” as we all know has been going in the Holy Land since the past forty-five years? Is Islam responsible for such humiliation and brutality? You attend the United Nations Human Rights seminars. Did you ever thought, that the so-called “Human Rights, must also be applied to the Palestinian people too? Are you going to tell me that Jews in Israel do not hate Arabs? Better get your facts straight, Sultan Saheb.

No nation or followers of any religion should possess “Carte Blanche, to terrorize another people for so long. What you and so many members of the “Muslim Intelligentsia, miss out is that, while posting all the bad news about the “Muslim Terrorists, sadly, most of the elite and educated Muslims, turn a blind eye towards the sufferings of their fellow Muslims imposed upon by the Jewish and Christian world. Certainly, you are not going to argue that the continued immoral action on part of Judaism and Christianity in the Holy Land is justified, or, are you? Please do not tell me that, all the chaos and mayhem in the Middle East region got nothing to do with the “Brutal Military Occupation” imposed by the State of Israel. Hatred breeds hatred just like respect begets respect. The million dollar question is, “How long will the “Civilized World, continue to ignore the utter misery of the Palestinian people?”

Sultan Saheb, by posting all such news, by allowing “Intellectual Bigots, to reign in to insult Islam, by ignoring the earnest pleas of commentators, namely Muhammad Yunus Saheb, may I ask, “Why are you having such a difficult time drawing a boundary line?” You might not believe it, but Muslims readers would be more than delighted to read “Civilized Debate, which is free from the “Joy Of Provocation, by people belonging to another religion. That’s uncalled for and definitely not a “Civilized Behavior. You might well think that those Muslims who are outspoken like me, tend to act in an uncivilized manner, if we make harsh comments. We will, if the bigoted person acts arrogantly and continue to smear the religion of Islam without taking all the facts into consideration.

Last but not the least, it will be wise on your part to calmly reflect upon the wise words of Muhammad Yunus Saheb as follows:

“I have sounded you in the past that a boundary line must be drawn between freedom of speech and libel, calumny and abusive, and if a Muslim reader feels that somebody is virtually abusing his Prophet (quoting sexually provocative and apocryphal hadith as historical truth) or scandalizing his wife or profaning the Qur’an like saying that it is full of pornography and that somebody has a Muslim name, and he is being supported by a group of such people like a band of like-minded demonizers of Islam, I assure you, he is bound to give up on your site. Not surprising the participation of Muslim commentators has reduced considerably over the recent years.”

Thanks again for reading, I remain

Very respectfully yours,

Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia