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From: Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia
To: My Fellow Muslims

Dated: September 20, 2014

My Dear Fellow Muslims,

As-Salaam Alay-Kum

First of all, this humble Muslim and his entire family members wish all of you Ramadhan Kareem Mubarak. Yes, this is the holy month which should help us to cleanse our hearts provided “Good Thoughts” remain in our minds for the rest of our fellow humans no matter which race, creed or religion they belong to.

Long held fear of “Islamic Caliphate” is now becoming more visible as we read the headline news. I vividly remember, Kaukab Siddique sending an email to me trying to answer to my message addressed to Dr. Sayyid M. Syeed, of “ISNA titled, “Which Muslim gangs/cults belong to the category of ‘Hirabah’” as follows:

“You are a bloody supporter of occupiers of Muslim lands. Who told you that
B-52s were used in retaliation for acid? Are you a complete idiot. You bootlicker
of Zionism and imperialism, don’t send me your trash.”

Vow! That’s quite a stunning remark from a devout American Muslim who operates a website, “,” Mr. Siddique wrote, “In our world oppressors mean Zionists, imperialists, tyrants, and those who try to behave like the Pharoah as if they are god.” It seems like he conveniently forgot about the bloody “Muslim Terrorists” who kill humans in the name of Almighty Allah. Obviously, our “Self-Righteous” leaders do not seem to have guts to confront the “Truth, leaving Muslims like us to continue to ask a simple question, “Where is the moral leadership in the American Muslim community?” Aside from thrashing and unsubscribing their fellow Muslims’ viewpoints, what else do they know?

Mike Ghouse recently sent a special message to all respective members of “World Muslim Congress” informing them about his showdown on Sean Hannity Radical Muslims on the March. Imagine reading about “CAIR” vehemently opposing his very presence on Hannity Show! The truth of the matter is, our leaders are sure acting like “Speech Police” busy suppressing those Muslims and our fellow Americans who want to speak out against the mass slaughter and inhumanity that continues to plague the Middle Eastern region. Mike even went to express his gripes with “ISNA,” as to how certain proposals gets run down by their bureaucracy. Nothing comes as a surprise to me, as based upon my personal experience, I believe that such an arrogance is nothing but an attitude of “Holier Than Thou” that dictates the minds of many American Muslim leaders. Simply put, “My way or highway.

My fellow Muslims, listen carefully to what Jonathan Gilliam, founder and CEO of United States Continued Services said to Sean Hannity, “This is the third grade uprising of the Caliphate. It is not going away. They are going to keep pushing forward.” May be, many of you will not agree with his statement, nevertheless, let’s not slash everything down in one single word which is famously known as “Islamophobe. Many “Moderate Muslims” living in this great country are “Stealth Jihadists. On reading the striking remarks of one Kaleem Kawaja, “Inshallah there will be another day when Islam will rise from America and again spread its green banner over the globe,” is enough of a warning signal that even the “Moderates” are dreaming of the so-called “Green Banner” over the globe.

CaliphateAmazingly, there is another well-known journalist, Aijaz Zaka Syed based in Dubai, who constantly thrash the West in his writing (Time For Introspection), and especially, the United States of America at every turn. Being a sophisticated wordsmith, he wrote, “look at the farce that has been going on in the name of democracy and justice in the neighborhood. If Orwell had lived long enough he would have to invent a new language and grammar to make sense of the state of affairs prevailing today.” No kidding!

Ordinary illiterate Muslims who earns their bread and butter do not know about “Orwell” nor do they care to know about him. They are busy feeding their families and praying for their well-being. I am afraid, it is not the common Muslims who needs to confront the demons, it is the responsibility of the Islamic scholars, political leaders and journalists to identify the ravenous demons that constantly provoke many to dream of their long held desire for the “Islamic Caliphate” to return back in action.

Needless to say that the intellectual Muslims continued display of “Indifference” is causing more harm than they realize it. Shrugging off everything as “Zionism” and “Islamophobes” will not help to address the deadly “Islamic Jihadist Ideology” that has resulted in so many deaths of innocent civilians, let alone the ruthless killings between the two sects, Shias and Sunnis. “What Did I Say” submitted an honest rebuttal after reading the article of Aijaz Zaka Syed titled, “What is the Sunni-Shia Business Anyway” as follows:

“What a load of garbage, blaming the schism between the Shias and Sunnis
on the west, saying it would be all academic except for the west’s meddling
is just so much goobledegook. It proves that the region will invariably blame
others as a default mechanism for not taking responsibility itself, and its
consequent failure to sort out a course that differs from its historical
divisiveness and bloodshed. Shias and Sunnis have been killing each other
since the separation.

Certainly imperialism in the form of western influence may have fanned
some division in the region as it has elsewhere, however it has largely been
imperialism with its leveling effects that has limited the bloodshed by
attempting the drawing of maps that will delimit tribalism and other unseemly
artifacts from a warring thoughtless past. This article is well written but
its conclusions are as typically lacking in responsibility as the political
and tribal entities in the region.”


Well, it seems like the crux of the problem is the sheer “LACK OF RESPONSIBILITY” on part of the Muslim intelligentsia. Quite frankly, it is not the Zionists and Christian extremists that have long dreamed of dismemberment and dispossession of the whole neighborhood as claimed by Aijaz Zaka Syed. On the contrary, it is the deadly “Jihadists” in our midst who are hell-bent in eradicating the image of Islam with their own twisted version of translating our Holy Quran. What we also have to be real concerned about is the “Stealth Jihadists” who silently pray for the “Islamic Caliphate, and let’s be mindful about the “Speech Police” who are pinning down everyone who speaks the ugly truth about the Muslim Terrorists and/or “Barbarians On The Loose.

The need of the hour is to read and listen to the ordinary Muslims like me who remain deeply concerned about the current state of affairs in the Islamic world, and also in the American Muslim community. Why should certain fact-filled informative news be discarded? Aren’t these leaders are the ones who go on the national media to constantly remind all Americans about how peaceful Islam is? Surprisingly, even Mike Ghouse got into a stunning shouting match with Jamie Glazov, Editor of FrontPage.Com. Here I must respectfully point out that, even Mike will have to quit falling back on the same old argument, “It is not Islam, it is the bad people who are dangerous.” Yes, countless peace loving Americans heard this over and over again. It is time to stop with this ranting and raving by listening to Mr. Glazov who very correctly opined as follows:

“We are on the side of all people including Muslims. We are not haters. The
people who are haters are the people who are defending this ideology and
allowing the victimization of all innocent people.”

All said and done, I want to add one important point, that is, Aijaz Zaka Syed, Kaleem Kawaja, Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR and Edgar Hopida of ISNA, were the ones who “Unsubscribed” to my emails. I do respect their right to do so as they probably considered it as “Spam” or “Thrash.” What these gentlemen do not realize is that they are giving an impression that the Muslim Intelligentsia” always want to run away and take cover. Little wonder that all these intellectuals have their own agenda to promote.

Have a blessed month of Ramadhan Kareem. May Almighty Allah bless each and every Muslim during this holy month. May He also bestow wisdom upon us so that we can soon start to “Introspect” about the radical teachings imparted by the perverted Islamic scholars who are the root cause of the murderous upheaval and prolong bloodshed that has been going on in the Islamic world at large.

Very sincerely yours,

Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia


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Indeed, the US Justice Department (which includes the FBI) had a major anti-terrorism booth at last week’s annual convention of ISNA, the Islamic Society of North America – from which one of the many quotations in support of the “Hirabah by mufsiduunlabeling came into my compendium about four years ago.

After all, are we not looking — in a Reaganesque “trust but verify” fashion, to be sure – for a few significant defectors from the Salafi-Wahhabi-Saudi funding empire? Might not some of these people now be —as faithful Muslims to revise their earlier thinking, to come to the defense of their own versions of Islam, and to oppose its wholesale take-over by UBL’s, Hizballah’s, al Sadr’s and the Muslim Brotherhood’s evildoers (mufsiduun), hypocrites (munafiquun) and Slaves of Satan (abd’al-Shaitan)?

A representative sampling of these quotes (some provided at my urging, some several years old with no guarantee that they would be repeated, some lifted from media reports but all sharply critical of terrorism in Islamic religious terms) are as follows:

DR. ABDUL HAKIM (a.k.a. SHERMAN JACKSON), of the University of Michigan, points out in a major article about al Qaeda-style terrorism in the Fall 2001 issue of Muslim World: “In the end, however, Hirabah assumes its place as an effective super-category hovering above the entire criminal law as a possible remedy to be pressed into service for the more sensational, heinous or terrifying manifestations of these and other crimes.

“In this capacity, Hirabah appears, again, to parallel the function of terrorism as an American legal category. Its function is not so much to define specific crimes but to provide a mechanism for heightening the scrutiny and/or level or pursuit and prosecution in certain cases of actual or potential public violence…

“In sum, we may conclude that it is terror, or the spreading of fear and helplessness, that lies at the heart of Hirabah. From this perspective, Hirabah speaks to the same basic issue as does terrorism in American law. As mentioned earlier, however, Hirabah actually goes beyond the FBI definition of terrorism, inasmuch as Hirabah covers both directed and coincidental spreading of fear…. Hirabah, as it turns out, is [once was and should become again] the most severely punished crime in Islam, carrying mandatory criminal sanctions.”

PROF. AKBAR AHMED (Chair of Islamic Studies, American Univ.) “Properly understood, this is a war of ideas within Islam — some of them faithful to authentic Islam, but some of them clearly un-Islamic and even blasphemous toward the peaceful and compassionate Allah of the Qur’an….. As a matter of truth-in-Islam, both the ideas and the actions they produce must be called what they actually are, beginning with the fact that al Qaeda’s brand of suicide mass murder and its fomenting of hatred among races, religions and cultures do not constitute godly or holy “Jihad” — but, in fact, constitute the heinous crime and sin of unholyHirabah….. In its worst excesses, particularly in the wanton killing of innocents — both non-Muslim and Muslim alike — as a method of terrorizing the entire community, such ungodly “war against society” should be condemned as blasphemous and un-Islamic.”

DR. AKHTAR EMON (President, Arabic Language Inst. Foundation) “Hirabah represents an Unholy War against innocent civilians. The truth stands clear from falsehood. Hirabah can never be confused as ‘Jihad’ (Holy War), as much as al-Qaeda would like to label their heinous acts against humanity as Jihad…. Hirabah is forbidden and sanctioned not only by the teachings of Qur’an, but also by the Bible and Torah — all three Abrahamic faiths (Islam, Judaism, and Christianity) agree on this, and so also other major faiths such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhs, Zoroastrians, Bahai’s, and the New Age religions addressing “mind, body and soul”…. TrueSpeak efforts are highly commendable in educating the world citizenry with truth-in-language and expanding the lexicon e.g., to distinguish a good guy with a bad guy (mufsidoon), a good act with an act of blasphemy (tajdeef), etc.”

DR. SAYYID M. SYEED (Sec. General, Islamic Society of N. America, ISNA) “The Quran and the sayings of the prophet emphatically distinguish the term jihad from Hirabah, a destructive act of rebellion committed against God and mankind. Hirabah is an act of terrorism, a subversive act inflicted by an individual or a gang of individuals, breaking the established norms of peace, civic laws, treaties, agreements, moral and ethical codes…. Whereas different forms of jihad are highly commendable acts of virtue, Hirabah is recognized as a despicable crime. A mujahid (someone who performs acts of jihad) is respected and recognized as a person with high spiritual ranking in this life and promised paradise and eternal bliss in the hereafter. But individuals and groups indulging in Hirabah are condemned as criminals, subjected to severe deterrent punishments under Islamic law and warned of far more punishment and humiliation in the life after life.”

DR. RADWAN A. MASMOUDI (President, Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy) “The war against society and innocent civilians that Usama Ben Laden is calling for is not Jihad. To the contrary, it is a forbidden and un-Islamic war (Hirabah) which is counter to all the values and teachings of Islam. This is a crime against innocent civilians and therefore a crime against humanity. In Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh), there is no justification for killing innocent people.”

IMAM YAHYA HENDI (Muslim Imam, Georgetown University, interview, Feb. 7, 2003) – “I believe that terrorism has no religion. And violence has no faith. Violence is violence, and terrorism is terrorism, whether they are conducted by Jews or Christians, Muslims, Baharis — any of those communities, and they have to be condemned. …. Any religion cannot support terrorism. But can a religion be used to promote terrorism? Of course. And I think all of our religious communities — within the Jewish community, within the Christian community, within the Muslim community — we all have done so. And that has to be rejected. … I mean, the Arabic word for terrorism is hirabah. And it is a term that was developed about 1,000 years ago by Muslim jurists ………… Hirabah means what I mentioned, the three types of terrorism, either [sponsored by] states, government or individuals … And it was condemned by Islamic jurists those hundreds of years [ago].”

IMAM TAMMAM ADI, PhD. (Director, Islamic Cultural Ctr — Eugene, Oregon): “International terrorism claims to be fighting a jihad against followers of the Gospel and the Torah, a jihad that ends in ‘martyrdom,’ despite murder and suicide. But this is a flawed understanding. Interestingly, the verse following the Quran’s definition of mosque-exploiting Hirabah (9:111) defines true jihad and true martyrdom. It says that the Torah, the Gospel and the Quran all promise paradise to believers who fight, not against each other, but for God’s cause (i.e., to defend the weak). The masterminds of international terrorism are not fighting a jihad, they are Hirabah thugs…….The Quran also speaks of international terrorism that exploits religion (9:107-110).

“False religious organizations are created only as outposts for terror masterminds (Hirabah veterans) who will sabotage and destabilize communities, cause faithlessness and insecurity and instigate clashes between faith communities, maybe so far as a clash of civilizations. Fortunately, the verses tell us that this plot is very fragile, built on the crumbling edge of a mud hill and bound to collapse with the plotters into Hell.”

PROF. SEYYED HOSSEIN NASR (George Washington University Professor of Islamic Studies) “The usage of technical terms especially those with religious connotations must be done with the greatest care for such terms evoke the deepest responses in the human soul. In the present context of the world situation it is essential to understand the authentic meaning of such terms as Jihad, Shahada and Hirabah. It is important to understand the authentic Islamic interpretations of each term and to clarify where and how they can be used in a truthful manner. It is especially important to understand clearly the meaning of Jihad in all its different dimensions and its difference from Hirabah. To speak truthfully about such terms is itself a major step towards better understating between the Islamic world and the West and also within the Islamic world and deeper comprehension of crucial concepts and ideas and the nature of actions based upon them within the Islamic world itself.”

PROF. KHALED ABOU EL FADL, Islamic legal scholar of UCLA and author of the highly esteemed book “Rebellion and Violence in Islamic Law” (Cambridge University Press, 2001), clearly and authoritatively defines the sin and crime of Hirabah as “killing by stealth and targeting a defenseless victim in a way intended to cause terror in society.”

And more recently in his highly acclaimed 2005 book, “The Great Theft: Wrestling Islam from the Extremists,” Professor El Fadl points out that the al-Qaeda-style killers and their apologists “entirely ignore the Qur’anic teaching that the act of destroying or spreading ruin on this earth is one of the gravest sins possible — fasad fi al-ard, which means to corrupt the earth by destroying the beauty of creation.

“This is considered an ultimate act of blasphemy against God. Those who corrupt the earth by destroying lives, property and nature are designated as mufsiduun (corruptors and evildoers) who, in effect, wage war against God by dismantling the very fabric of existence… the crime is called Hirabah (waging war against society).”

Jim Guirard
September 20, 2007

A DC-area attorney, writer, lecturer and anti-Terrorism strategist, Jim Guirard was longtime Chief of Staff to US Senators Allen Ellender and Russell Long. His TrueSpeak Institute and new website are devoted to truth-in-language and truth-in-history in public discourse.